One of the things I knew I wanted to do when I got to Botswana was to go to church here.  I went to church when I was in Panama and it was a really great cultural experience, so I made it a point to ask one of the UB students to promise to take me one Sunday.  My last Sunday here, I went to church with Lebo.

Lebo grew up in Gaborone, so I think he still goes to his family’s church (because his parents were there too).  We had to take a 15 minute bus ride to get to the church and then walk for about 5 minutes.

The street where we got off and where Lebo’s church is.

The view of the church as we walked up to it.

We were all very excited about going to church because we knew it would be such a great cultural experience.  We definitely stood out at this church, but everyone was really friendly and we didn’t get too many strange looks.

Inside the church.  We came in right at the end of a service, but stayed for almost the entire service afterwards.  It was VERY interesting and not what I was expecting.  We had asked Lebo before what his church was like and he said there was a lot of singing and dancing, but I was not prepared for what it was actually like.  There was definitely a lot of singing and dancing, but it was sometimes almost like I was at a concert when they were singing.  People would run up and dance in the front.  Everyone cheered at the end of a song and one time, the lady with the microphone started shouting “We want more!” and got the band to start again.  They even had guitar, piano, and bass solos.  It was really fun and different than anything I had experienced before.  I have some videos that I took.  Take a look at them here!

We sang a few hymns and I thought I’d take pictures of them for those of my readers who are curious about which ones we sang.

The hymn book.

First hymn: There Shall be Showers Of Blessings

Second hymn: Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine

Another shot of the church.  They brought up everyone who had a June birthday, and Kameron (William and Mary) went up! She is all the way on the left with a yellow scarf on.

After we got back from church, we finished our final paper (hooray!) and had a BBQ cookout with the rest of the meat that we didn’t eat from the first BBQ (after the final presentations).  We even made garlic bread this time!

The bread was a little smooshed at one end, but I thought they looked kind of like little totoros!

And remember that watermelon we got in the village? Well we finally cut it open, and I learned that there are different kinds of watermelon:

This one is home-grown in Botswana, and it’s white!  It still had the same texture as a watermelon, but it wasn’t as sweet.  And it had a lot more seeds that were larger than the watermelons back home.  I still liked trying it though!

Only one more day left in Botswana 😦


4 responses to “Church

  1. What a wonderful experience! No sarcasm here today, I’m sad you’re leaving tomorrow too! I feel like you had a really great time there, and I learned a lot too.

  2. Argh, AV beat me to it again! BOO!!!
    I’m glad that you got to attend a church service there. I can’t wait to see the video. By the way, I can’t tell if there is garlic on the bread.

  3. I’m glad you had such a positive experience, baby. Four weeks went by so quickly, but Kiwi is really excited that you’re coming home, and so are we.

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