Last Week Bucket List

After Monday, I only have one week left in Botswana. Weird! But now I have to make sure that I do everything that I can here.  So I made a “Last Week Bucket List.” Sort of.

On Tuesday, we went out to Riverwalk at night thinking we would go do karaoke.  Maren and I have been wanting to do this since the first week we were here, so we were super excited.  But turns out karaoke isn’t on Tuesdays (as one of the UB students told us) and is only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  We were already at Riverwalk though, so instead of just going back to UB, we decided to go to the movies!  There is a movie theater at the mall, and since some of us hadn’t seen The Avengers yet, we had to go watch it.  But before we went in, we had to try to sneak some food in, just like back home 🙂

There was a milkshake place still open that some of the Case students had told us was good.  I spent about 30 minutes deciding what type of milkshake to get and then another 15 minutes deciding what flavor, and in the end it was delicious (I got a Milo and Milo Crumble Whizzo I think).  Now the tricky part was getting our shakes into the movie theater (obviously no food allowed).  Good thing I brought my purse that day!

How I snuck in me and Maren’s snacks for the movie!

The theater was pretty nice.  Since it was a Tuesday night, we were pretty much the only customers there and we were going at the last show time.  When you buy tickets, you buy it for a specific seat which is really cool because then you can guarantee that you sit with your friends!  Here are some pictures of the place:

A waiting area I guess.  It was roped off when we were there.


The theater we were in!  I liked how they call the theaters “cine” here instead.  They have 4 of them.

Hallway by the “cines.”  We were literally the last people to come out of the movie theater, and I felt bad because I knew that the employees were waiting for us to leave, but I wanted to take pictures of everything (for you guys).

Check off the bucket list: Watch a movie in a foreign country.

On Wednesday, no bucket list items were checked off.  Except that Brian started teaching me how to beat box after the electricity went out at night.  Maybe check off the bucket list: Attempt to beat box.

On Thursday, we ACTUALLY went to karaoke, and it was great!  We went to the same place as on Tuesday, but this time we went on the right day.  It was at a bar, so I got to do real bar karaokeing, but I didn’t sing by myself.  The researchers all came and we all sang songs together.

Quick pose in the middle of a song.  We all had a good time I think.  At least I did!

Check off the bucket list: Do karaoke at a bar. (Internationally)

On Friday, I bought my first fan soccer jersey (for Botswana)!  It’s not exactly their jersey, but it is what most of the fans wear.  So I feel like it can count towards my bucket list.  You can see a picture tomorrow because it’s the Botswana vs. South Africa game!  It is a World Cup qualifying match (I don’t remember if I had said this earlier) and so points from this match go to determining continent standings (top 2 teams go to the World Cup).  I’m sure all you soccer fans reading my blog already know this, but it’s for my other not-so-soccer-minded readers (do I have any of those?).

Check off the bucket list: Own a soccer jersey.

I also thought that I would get to watch the South African soccer team practice today in the afternoon, but by the time we got to the stadium, the team had already finished practicing.  False alarm on the bucket list 😦 But on our way back to the dorms, I did find a very interesting plant that has leaves with like 7 points and these weird fruits/not leaves growing on it:

Any ideas Mommy (or any other botanical-minded readers)?

Tomorrow I will check another item off my bucket list that I have long been awaiting to check off:

Attend an international soccer match in another country.

And on Sunday, I will get to check off going to church in a foreign country (Kay said she would take us!).  And soon I will be on a plane back home.  More posts to come as I get ready to go home!


7 responses to “Last Week Bucket List

  1. The theater looks REALLY nice & clean!! So they call it Cine? Wonder why that is. Can’t believe it’s your last week there. That went by quick!

  2. Cool bucket list!!! I got my international soccer match bucket item checked last year hehehe.
    Good job sneaking snacks into the “cine”. I thought I’m the only one doing that in our family haha. Your purse reminded me of Hermione’s beaded handbag:)

  3. Wow, BD – noticing matching handbags…

    Excellent sneaking in skills though. Excellent.

    And jealous, Botswana jersey!! Excited to hear about/see pictures of the game.

  4. The Real IT Guy

    I didn’t attend the match but looked up the result:
    Botswana 1 – South Africa 1.

    Trivia question: The South Africa national football team’s nickname is Bafana Bafana, meaning “Go boys! Go boys!” in Zulu. What is Botswana’s? Hint: an animal that you saw on your safari trip.

    • Of course I know what the Botswana team is called: the Zebras! One of their jerseys is all zebra stripes. Also, according to my UB friends, Bafana Bafana means “Little Boys”

  5. No idea on the fruit. The spikes warn that we should stay away, like durians…. 🙂
    Kiwi just asked me what snacks I will be bringing into the theatre when we go see The Avengers today! What a family of “sneakers”!
    Thanks for clarifying the soccer thing for this non-soccer-minded reader. I know when some team gets a goal from the eruption of noise in the living room….

  6. Speaking of Kiwi, we are going to see Madagascar 3 next weekend. You are invited to come along if you are up to it. We can use your handbag again:)
    AV – I was comparing Leslie’s handbag to Hermione’s magic handbag 😛

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