Final Presentation

Sunday, we had our final presentations in the afternoons, and then had a BBQ as a final hurrah! for the Case students in the Thermo class, because they were finally done with the class.  Since the students in the class had an exam Sunday morning, all of the research students had to go get the groceries for the BBQ.  We had made a groceries list earlier in the week, and so we went to Riverwalk and split up the job.  For the BBQ, we were having steaks, burgers, and hotdogs as the main meal, with grilled vegetables too (corn, potatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers).  On the side, we got lots of chips, stuff to make guac, and for dessert we had chocolate chip cookies (homemade!) and nanners.  If you can picture it, about 8 of us got all the groceries you need to have this much food to feed 50.  We had 3 cart-fulls of food including drinks and silverware/cooking utensils/plates/cups etc. and managed to stay under $300 USD!  It was amazing.  We all brought our backpacks and stuffed as much as we could into those before getting plastic bags (they charge you for those here) but still ended up needing like 10 more bags.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera handy, as it was buried under groceries at the bottom of my bag, so I don’t have any picture evidence of how full one of the kitchen tables was.

Maren and I had to make chocolate chip cookies (150 cookies total) so we started as soon as we got back, because we still needed to prepare for our presentation at 4pm.  But this time, we had a mixing bowl and no need for a ziploc bag.  Yay for having kitchen equipment!  But we still didn’t have an egg-beater, so we used the heating oven to warm up the butter enough for us to mix with a mixing spoon.

Maren will probably hate me for putting this picture of her up, but this is how we did it!  We made 3 batches of cookies in 2.5 hrs and then went to our presentation.  It went really well 🙂 Our professor and PhD student both thought ours was the best (they weren’t biased or anything…)

The whole research crew before our presentations.

Afterwards, we had the BBQ and it was a great success! We bought enough food for everyone, and I was personally worried about the cookies, but we made just the right amount.  I also helped Brian make his nanners for the party.  We were like a little desserts factory making cookies and nanners for everyone.  If you didn’t see it before, his website is

I had a really great day and some of the pressure was lifted after we presented.  All we have left to do is to write our final report/paper for the project and then I’ll be home!


5 responses to “Final Presentation

  1. Glad to hear your presentation went well. You unbiased mom agrees with your unbiased professor & graduate student that your presentation was the best. 🙂

    I’m surprised that you can get burgers and hotdogs for your BBQ–Gabarone sounds quite … Americanized.

    If the people there don’t eat dessert, when do they eat sweets? Snacks only?

    • Botswana was a British colony! So they are pretty westernized I would say. They don’t really eat sweets. I guess yeah as snacks, because there are street vendors who sell hard candy and then in the stores there are candy bars, but they don’t usually have dessert.

  2. Resourceful with the oven/mixing! A true engineer. Very proud.

    I do believe you are the shortest. Also, NICE DRESS!

    Penltimately, I am determined to find myself a nanner some time next year. If it means pretending to be a Tulane student, so be it.

    And finally, congrats on finishing the presentation.

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